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Architects & Designers

Architects & Designers

Mosaïglass provides architects & designers an easy, convenient way by submitting a detailed project specification, materials to use and details on product installation.
This is an important page for you to review if you are an Interior Designer, Architect, Seller of Interior Products, or a company providing design and/or interior construction for your clients.  This entire website is actually to support YOU! To give you an exceptional resource for your clientele to explore inspirational options that you can provide for them, using luxurious European products, at remarkably low prices to ensure you land a profitable project in a true win-win-win fashion!

MosaiGlass is a wholesaler / importer of exquisite European products to the Canadian market.  We do not typically sell directly to end-clients. We focus on developing relations with independent Interior Designers, Architects, Design Studios, Stores selling luxurious design products, and companies that produce awe-inspiring interiors for high-end homes, restaurants, hotels, businesses, and more.  If you are such a person or company then please read on to see how being affiliated with MosaiGlass may benefit you, and give you an edge over your competition!

MosaiGlass gives you many unique & visually stunning options to offer your clients at surprisingly lower prices than you would expect, making you competitive with others offering inferior quality products.  Two of the most important criteria for you to sell a project comes down to price, and quality… and giving your clients a brilliant “WOW!” certainly helps too!

Please contact us to speak with us to discuss your specific needs, and how offering MosaiGlass products to your clients can be of benefit to you.  We make things easy for you by providing online pricing & ordering capabilities of thousands of unique products to choose from, customized digital in-glass printing that is ONLY available to you through MosaiGlass (no other company can offer you this!), and consultations with our expert staff to assist you.
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